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Core drilling

Concrete drillers perform core drilling in a variety of diameters and rosiers

Core drilling is carried out for all types of installations

Core drilling uses a circular and rotating hole saw equipped with diamond teeth, which produces enormous power with high precision. This method is sometimes called diamond drilling. This may include drilling into concrete for pipes, ventilation, electrical wiring, etc. Concrete drillers perform core drilling in a variety of diameters and rosiers.

Core drilling in exploration and research

When it comes to drilling holes in concrete, the precision and possibilities are vast, and we are more than happy to tell you more and listen to your needs.

CSD Company gives the construction industry answers about what's in concrete and its condition

CSD Company offers several non-destructive testing services for the analysis of reinforced concrete structures and helps you get the answers you need. This lays the foundation for a safer construction project and lower overall costs

Many projects lack information about what is in the concrete and the condition of the structure

We also provide condition assessment and inspection services for concrete structures. We are your partner to ensure the long-term sustainability and performance of your concrete structures with the right measures


What is it and what is it used for?

Core drilling is an effective and precise method for drilling into a wide range of hard materials, including but not limited to concrete, asphalt, masonry and steel.

Our operators are equipped to handle 1/2" to 12" core diameters on site and larger diameters upon request.
Coreing can be done in both walls and floors.

Areas of application of core drilling:





Anchor bolts

Analysis of concrete samples

Linear or stitch hole drilling

CSD Company are specialists in concrete scanning and above are some examples of applications we can help you with without affecting the underlying material.

Provides cutting, scanning and drilling services for concrete and other difficult-to-cut materials (concrete specialization).

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